Friday, April 27, 2007

there's something about ..... travelling

I'm writing this while waiting for my flight in Hong Kong. I was here since 4pm and my flight is 8pm.

Today, I have reached a certain milestone in my life.

Today, I would have taken 4 different public transport system within a day.

I took a taxi from my hotel in Guangzhou to the train station, to go HK. From the HK train station, I took a bus to the Air port and of course I'll be taking a plane later. It would be more complete, if I can find a boat somewhere.

Anyway, this is a very impromptu business trip. Only made up my mind on Friday night, book ticket online, and I flew off to guangzhou on Tuesday.

Tuesday was mad. 8.20 morning flight, and only reached HK at 12.40pm. By the time I exited the custom at 1.30pm, my bus leaves at 2pm.

And what a journey. Clearing the custom "singapore causeway style" at Shenzhen is just one mad experience. That aside, my bus broke down half way and have to change to another bus.

The bus driver was so frustrated that he didn't bother or didn't know how to address the situation in English, that half the busload of Ang Moh didn't know they have to alight the bus. The rest of us, asians, knew and join the next already half-loaded bus. The ang mohs found themselves without a seat and needed to stand.

According to the China laws, no one is supposed to stand on a tour bus. So the bus could not proceed until those standing alight. And then, come the quarrel. Just fun stuffs. Without this little drama, my 4 HOURS journey to Guangzhou would just be a pain!!! Yes.. 4 HOURS!!!

I think Singapore to KL is even faster.

I finally reached there at 7pm and my day is already over.

And today... Same same lah. 1 day gone. But at least, it's more comfortable.

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