Saturday, April 28, 2007

there's something about ..... travelling (part 2)

Like my day wasn't too wasteful enough, my flight from cathay was delayed.... not while we were about to board, but all of us waiting in the plane for 2 hours.

2 hours inside a plane, I could have taken a separate plane, fly to guangzhou and come back and still be on time.

2 hours inside a plane, I could have gone to kowloon, take star ferry and thus complete my milestone, and still come back and still be on time.

And so my flight finally took off at 9.30pm.

But why did I decide to come to the airport 4 hours earlier when I was already at Kowloon Train Station and I could have shopped for 2 more hours?

You see, this biz trip was with my father who was travelling on Singapore Airlines. He must have watched plenty of Amazing Race because he told me to come along with him, to try to convert my CX ticket to SQ ticket, since his flight was to depart at 6pm.

I have my suspicion but I too, watched alot of Amazing Race to have seen that happening a few times on TV.

So I decided to try.

My father was right. You are able to leave on SQ on a CX ticket but provided:

1.) I bought a CX full fare ticket.
2.) CX gave endorsement, on fullfillment of condition no.1
3.) SQ has seats.

But who in Singapore will pay full-fare tickets?

So, since cannot liao.. just stay at the airport lor.

Hong Kong got a brand new Terminal, and I must say, it's absolutely beautiful. Lots of shopping aside, the architectural is fantastic.

I'm looking forward to Singapore T3 and see how this compares. Only T3 can be used as a comparison to HK T2 since both are built around the same time.

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