Monday, April 09, 2007

there's something about ..... new name

Over the weekend, I visited Junction 8.

And immediately realised 2 retail stores have a change of name.

U2 is no longer call U2. Might as well... Tourists may think that this is the clothing line of the Irish Band U2.

So the company that operates U2 came up with a fantastic name-change... they renamed it as G2000 blu, after their other affliated brand G2000.

It's damn smart lor. They keep the decor of U2, almost have the same merchandise as U2, but they decided to priced it more expensive to reflect the G2000 brand. Wonderful lor.

G2000 ok!!! don't pray pray!! Who needs Banana Republic when we have G2000!!!!

This name-change is nothing compared with another major name-change of a major departmental store.

Seiyu has ceased to be known as Seiyu. They have sold off their entire brand, stock and barel to Capitaland.

Capitaland did the next best thing any businessman would. They resell the whole thing for a tidy profit to a Beijing Company.

So Seiyu brandname will rest in peace.

Why keep a brandname as famous as Seiyu if they are not doing so well? As a new owner, you only wants to keep the goodwill affiliated with a brandname, if any doubts with the brandname, change it. Also being a Chinese Firm, surely they wouldn't adope a Japanese name given the history behind China and Japan.

And so the new owner came out with something so ingenious.

They name it BHG

LOL!! ROFLOL!!!! PIE!!! CTE!!! AYE!!! ERP!!!! MRT!!! SBS!!! TCS!!!! MOE!!!!

I called it Boys Hit Girls. My wife called it Boys Hantam Girls. Or you can call it Big Hip Girl.

The actual meaning is actually Be Here for Good things.

Fantastic branding man!! And the best thing about BHG, they sells the same merchandise as Seiyu. That means if I'm a big fan of Seiyu, I wouldn't feel that I miss anything lor.

If I'm not a big fan of Seiyu, I wouldn't be a fan of BHG.

But give them credit, our retail scene do needs something as amusing as this to keep consumers interested. At least it did keep me amused.

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