Friday, March 21, 2008

there's something about ..... fugitive saga

The Mas Selamat Saga has become more of an "after thought" now. Taxi Stands within CBD is a bigger news than a terrorist at large within Singapore, or so the government chosed to believe.

TV news decided that 4 Prostitutes murdered in HK is a much bigger news than a terrorist at large in Singapore. Afterall, there is a casualty rate to begin with, not one but 4.

Entrepeneurs and enterprizes have decided to ride on the Mas Selamat saga to boost their company's awareness. A debt-collector firm has decided to join in on the Mas Selamat hunt. The spokesman for the company said that while their debt-collectors went on with their job of debt-collecting around the island, they should also lookout for MAS SELAMAT. The spokesman said "it's their National duty" to do so. This piece of news deem worthy by our local broadcasters.

Wonderful. What's next?

Maybe a Rubbish-Collector company could come out to do the same. Ask all their Blaga to look out for Mas Selamat.

Or perhaps a Courier service company delivering mails.

Or Real Estate Company telling all their agents to look out for Mas Selamat when they go Door Knocking to prospect for business. Perhaps someone is housing Mas Selamat.

How I love our Local News Network. Constantly giving us new insights into the World. Great Stuffs!!

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