Thursday, March 13, 2008

there's something about ..... mutant

This is a post about cars. Cars belonging to my immediate relative. Immediate relative that I meet once a week.

This relative of mine, plus other similar relatives, love their cars. They think nothing about maintaining the innocence look to the car, the pure beauty of the car, even if they are brand new. To them, it's about a statement of their lifestyles, their attitute in life.

Some people may call that lifestyles "AH BENG". But to them, it's a form of art, very much like a tattoo nowadays to the many youngsters in Singapore.

And so the mutation of the car take place. While it's a common sight on cars like HONDA, SUBARU or MITSUBISHI, the mutation was done on a very innocent, very family, very cute, very nice little car.

Anyway, recently I realised that perhaps my this immediate relative was encouraged by the distributors to do so. Or perhaps he was encouraged by my other immediate relatives to do so. Or perhaps he was encouraged by SPORTSCENTRE on ESPN which was sponsored by TOYOTA.

Or perhaps, he take the slogan too literally.

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Anonymous said...

yo, still got one more thing to add.
HKS exhaust......subaru sound.