Monday, March 10, 2008

there's something about ..... xbox360

I'm a late adopter of gadgets. I will never be among the first to buy anything IT related. My first DVD player was a free gift because of something else I bought. I totally passed over the LD player era, the VCD player era. So it was a case of VCR player jumping to DVD player. As of today, I 'm still using my VCR player concurrently with my hubstation.

And so finally I bought my xbox 360 from the IT show. My original xbox was again a gift and that has changed my life.

After waiting for price to fall, which ended up fruitless, I have decided to just buy it.

And mine.... what a fabulous gadget!!

The wireless controller was way cool. Xbox Live was even cooler!! I bought a wireless adaptor along with it so that I can play xbox live, and damn.... I should have done so much earlier.

I was playing Winning Eleven9 on my old xbox and I was feeling so superior and so complacent about my skillsets, very much like those Custodians at Whitney Detention Centre, that I got bored. At maximum difficulty, I was able to churn out wins like 5-0 easily on my OFF days, with one hand sore and sleepy eyes.

And you could imagine my arrogance when I played Winning Eleven 2008 online on Xbox Live. I didn't even think I need to practice to the new version, with the new controller. Afterall, all the moves are the same.

My first game... I was trounced 8-1.

I felt like the Custodian at Whitney Detention Centre.

So I set up a Commission of Inquiry and I realised that there were some subtle changes to the controller and the new version have some new moves. So I spent the next 2 hours practicing Offline.

And I went back online to play.

My second game.... I was trounced 5-1.

And as of today, I'm still practicing.

I have a friend who was playing NBA thru xbox Live and I joined him.

NBA2k8 is even better. We were both hooked up on the headset and we were trash talking to each other away while playing. The good thing about playing NBA2k8 online is that they updated the Latest ROSTER. YES... the LATEST ROSTER!!! SHAQ ONEAL is with Phoenix SUNS!!!!

xbox360 ROCKS!!

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