Monday, March 03, 2008

there's something about ..... description

Profile of Mas Selamat

1.) Height: 1.58m. Diplomatic way of saying would be "he is about the height of an average Singapore girl". Non-diplomatic way of saying, according to the Starhub MMS I received "SHORT".

2.) Could be bearded. Or might have shaved off with a stolen knife, ala.. crocodile Dundee style.

3.) Limp on the left leg but only noticeable when he runs.

4.) Wearing loose clothings and perhaps with a Cap lowered.

5.) Emotionally Erratic. Meaning.. he might cry while running and suddenly he might laugh.

6.) Needs Money, Shelter and Clothing and Food. Looks out for people stealing food from Foodcourt trays or hawker centre. He might look like typical uncle clearing food trays.

7.) Might have slight cough due to the haze.

8.) He might have been drenched due to the rain, expect Running Nose too.

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