Thursday, February 28, 2008

there's something about ..... fugitive

Obviously Wong Kan Seng didn't watch the Hit Movie "The Fugitive" or they would have caught the Mas Salamet by now.

I mean this man is crippled. To have escaped from a toilet, he would still need to have to get past a boundary wall.

I would think that a Most Wanted Criminal would be given 20 minutes toilet break at most before anybody would notice that he has escaped.

Even if he got out of the toilet in the 1st minute, to get to the boundary wall and try to escape would probably take you another 10-15 mins. Meaning to say, he might have really escaped by about 5 minutes before anyone got noticed.

Assuming by then, you activate the whole Ministry of Affairs and Ministry of Defence, the longest this should take is 30 minutes.

In 35 minutes, a crippled may not have gone too far.

I would think I am fitter than Mas Selamat. I probably do 2.4km in about 35 minutes. YES... I'm not that fit... but I would think I'm still fitter than Mas selamat.

A crippled would probably not do 2.4km. At most, probably about 1km. You just cast out a human net of 1km Radius.

Saying is easy but the fact that they couldn't find a crippled fugitives within a day is disturbing.

Remember they can find a NSF with a rifle within 24 hours but they couldn't find a crippled in more than 40 hours, and a crippled that could escape a detention centre smell fishy.

In my opinion, this is one elaborate escape plan. How on earth could a crippled escape from a detention centre of Singapore standard? You probably has someone standing outside the toilet of the Most Wanted Criminal.

And what kind of toilet is that? Surely it's not some toilet where the window is facing into the woods. I would have thought that the toilet is within a cell or a building.

So to have escaped out of the toilet, escape thru the building, escape thru a boundary wall which I assume it's of certain height.... all these while being crippled??!?!?!? Come on!!

Government should start investigating within the ISD.

Wong Kan Seng was all calm when he gave the parliamentary speech on this. He even let on a little smile like nothing big is happening.

40 hours and they still couldn't catch a crippled? I would find that amusing enough to smile too.


Anonymous said...

spread the word dear netizen. mas selamat was tortured and killed under detention. the ministry needed an excuse. that is all. think about it.

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

i wonder if they will offer rewards soon for info leading to the capture of this guy

moomooman said...

Reward? Just not say you capture him, just say you saw him.. the biggest reward would be your safety man.

This man can escape Singapore Detention Centre... in other words... He is a like Rambo. You don't mess with Rambo.

Anonymous said...

There are reports saying that he has escaped to Indonesia. Which is not surprising, given he can manage to escape a heavily-guarded prison.

I think this incident has badly tarnished the reputation of Singapore on a whole. It is such a pity given all the efforts given in to improve Singapore's image, e.g. the F1 event and the hosting of the Youth Olympics. This has really thrown us 100 miles back where we first started.

Mr Anonymous

Anonymous said...

to the first anonymous commentor: there is no conspiracy theory. put in simply, our police force is just not up to the mark.

Anonymous said...


Mas Selamat is now a mole for the Ministry of Affairs.

It's a elaborate plan to bring down the whole JI network.