Tuesday, February 12, 2008

there's something about ..... edison chen

I have just seen all the sexcapades photographs... ACCIDENTALLY. I googled "entertainment" and came across this website that carries all the photographs. REALLY!!

Anyway, these are my thoughts:

1.) While I'm no expert, they are not doctored. Fact that Edison Chen and Gillian Chung came out to apologise without dismissing those photos suggested these are real.

2.) Even if these "actresses" are lookalike, I don't think anyone mind. At least, Edison Chen and myself do not mind.

3.) It's so easy to get a laid in HK movie industry. Doesn't matter if you look like a kid, not good looking, wear baggy jeans but you must have that "bad boy" look and you must be at least semi-famous.

4.) HK Actresses like to be filmed while sucking.

5.) Edison Chen has no preferences for women, as long as they are willing.

6.) Edison Chen has average size manhood. Not that it's important at all to the actresses.

7.) I want to quit my job and become an actor.

8.) Gillian and Cecilia will be the next Category III Star. In fact, they can venture into Japan as AV Star. I think they will be a hit.

9.) Bobo Chan is screwed, literally!! For the rest of her life!!! She do not have what it takes to be a Category III star unlike Gillian and Cecilia, and her wedding to a rich man is off!!

10.) I want to quit my job and become an actor.


Anonymous said...

simply it means they cant face the fact.... so sad

cheeky said...

bobo pretty wat. if she act, i will definitely download

Anonymous said...

cheeky, bo bo body a bit too skinny leh... but then again... any woman we will also download.

Anonymous said...

littleoslo... cool blog... you guys from HK?

Unknown said...

men .. *tsk tsk*