Thursday, February 21, 2008

there's something about ..... lessons

Edison Chen holds a press conference today in HK.....

In it, he said...

"...role model... I failed in this regard, however, I hope this matter will teach everyone a lesson..."

Top 10 Lessons everyone should learn from this matter:

No. 10 Always repair your computer from a reliable source

No.9 Always store your videos and photographs in external harddisks, mobile harddisks, thumbdrives etc etc. and locked them up in a safe... in a bank.

No.8 If your photos ever leaked, don't say the photos are faked/photoshopped... say they are look-alike.

No.7 Buy a good viewcam that takes clear videos under poor light conditions.

No.6 Wear nicer underwear so that if the photos ever leaked, no one will say you have bad taste.

No.5 If you ever want to date your boss's niece, it's a bad idea to film her.

No.4 If your boyfriend wants to film you, avoid spreading your legs directly at the viewcam. You look like a porno star.

No.3 While two-timing your boyfriend/husband is bad enough, involved in theme play with a police uniform is below the belt.

No.2 Shaved.

No.1 Shaved more.

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