Wednesday, February 06, 2008

there's something about ..... s-pop

I was just telling coolcat today how I enjoy S-POP Hurray, that program that celebrates Singapore chinese music.

It was a trip down memory lane when they showcase the music from early years all the way to current pop. You have Teng Miao Hua, Eric Moo to Stephanie Sun and JJ. Practically every singer was featured from the last 25 years or so... except....

Ho Yeow Sun!!!! How can they omit such established International star?!?!? Even the Fann Wong whom she admitted that she can't sing, got featured and sang! The international star who probably think she is singer of International standard was not featured. (at least at this point)

Anyway, yesterday's show featured Teng Miao Hua singing the song from Siao Fei Yu (flying fish).

My wife was asking me, "how come they never feature JIANG HU?"

I did a Youtube and I found this classic song by Jiang Hu.

Somewhere in the first quarter of the "MTV", you see Li Nanxing did a James Bond of Casino Royale. That was hilarious!! I Think SBC can sue the James Bond franchise for imitating Li Nanxing.

Other "SBC" classic:


Unknown said...

you've just about reminded me how old you really are ah gu korkor :P muahahaha

Anonymous said...

it's not old. It's cultured. Does that mean that if I read Shakespears, I am a mummy? Happy New Year!

Unknown said...

you speak like my mummy sometimes :P that works too!