Saturday, February 16, 2008

there's something about ..... ttsh (updated)

My mum was having a A&E situation yesterday and I promptly sent her to Tan Tock Seng Hospital. She is fine now but yesterday was one amusing day for me.

Coolcat was asking why I always have such dramas when visiting Hospital... and seriously.. I do not know.

As said, it was an A&E situation. After the nurse pushed my mum to the consultation room which is out of bounds for companions, I was asked to wait in another area.

The nurse told me that the doctor would not come in/out through the "normal" waiting area and it's more convenient if I could wait in another waiting area.

So she lead me to the next "waiting" area and I was shock, confused, amused all at once.

IT'S A LOADING BAY FOR AMBULANCE!!!!!!! See those chairs behind the plants, I was asked to sit there and wait.... without air con..... without TV.... without magazine racks..... but greenery view!!!!

I got this niggering feeling that perhaps I was rude to the nurse in the first place and this is like a little punishment for me.

After waited for about 15 minutes and see no action, I returned to the same nurse and asked how long more I have to wait and I was told it's a LOOONGGG wait.

Win liao lor... I was asked to wait at a "loading bay" not briefly but a LONG one.

So I decided to go to the Toilet. The layout of the A&E is not exactly efficient. After a long winding path within the A&E department, I found the toilet.

Just after I used it and was about to begin my long journey back to the loading bay, I "bumped" into my mum being wheeled from the consultation area to observation area. In that narrow corridor, my mum is able to tell me the whole diagnosis result and even asked me to go back first as she would have to be observed for half a day. ALL in that short width of the corridor.

I don't see the logic of asking me to wait at the loading bay when all the activities are happening on the other end of the department, unless as I mentioned, I was rude and this is the way to weed out nuisance. Or perhaps that is the smoking area and I have a smoker face.


Read from the ST that there is a space crunch at TTSH. As a result of that, even the CEO has to give up his office to house a consulation room.

And there I was complaining about my comfortness while waiting at a loading bay..... tsk tsk tsk