Thursday, February 14, 2008

there's something about ..... avi

No... no... I don't have the video of Maggi Q and Edison Chen.... and "avi" do not stand for "Adult Video Iwant".

Leon passed me few decent movies in "avi" format over the weekend and I promptly copied it into my hard-disk.

So how do you watch a "avi" format movie? It all depends whether you are stubborn or not.

If you are not stubborn, most computers like mine will be able to play the format and you will watch over the computer.

However, I belonged to the stubborn category. I insist on watching it on TV. And so I begin my long journey......


1.) I burnt it onto a Disc(1). Brought to my DVD player and realised my DVD player which supposedly could support avi could not play my Disc. I thought perhaps I need to convert to mpeg 4.

2.) I downloaded an software to convert avi to mpeg4 on evaluation or trial. After 1 hour of converting, the F%& software says that only 60% is converted and the remaining 40% will have to be paid.


1.) Desperately I seek Leon's help. He advised that perhaps the speed of burning is too fast. So I burned into another Disc (2) on a slower speed. I tried and it still couldn't play on the dvd player.

2.) Decided to download another converter, this time round I was looking for freeware. Found one and downloaded it.

3.) The software apparently could convert to multiple formats. I was smiling, very proud of my effort.

4.) Saw that it could direct covert to "DVD Pal", so I chose the option. After 1 hour of convertion, I burned into another Disc (3) and tried to play on my DVD player. Ninabeh. Cannot see!!! Double check the disc and realised that "DVD Pal" is actually "vob" format. And only contains one VOB file.

5.) With a never give up attitude, I decided to try another format. Decided that MP2 might be the right one. So after 1 hour of converting, I was clever not to burned into the disc and wanted to test on my computer first. Heng!!! The MP2 was either corrupted or not supportable by my computer media player. Decided that it's too risky to burned into the disc.

6.) Very low morale, I decided to finally settle for MP4 format. So after 1 hour of converting and tested on my PC to be working fine, I decided not to burn the disc. Decided that 1Gb file is too wasteful for 1 disc.


1.) Trying to convert all the other movies.

2.) Still Converting.


cheeky said...

have u tried ffmpegx?

cheeky said...

have u tried ffmpegx?

Anonymous said...

no.. I haven't. Will yahooed it.

Anonymous said...

wah liao, should look for me.
get a software call "super"

check your dvd player can play "divx" anot. if not, go to

Unknown said...

Stop trying to burn avi's and hook this up to your TV.