Monday, July 14, 2008

there's something about ..... panda

I am a lousy father.

During the lead-up to the premier of Kung Fu Panda, with all the trailers on TV, I got my kid excited about watching the movie on the big screen. I think that was sometime early June.

Sometime middle of June, the pirated DVD from JB surfaced in Singapore. My brother-in-law proudly declared that he has the DVD and played it on the TV for us to watch.

1.) I don't watched pirated DVD filmed from cinema.
2.) I don't watched anything that comes from my brother-in-law.

I told my kid then that I will bring him to watch in the cinema and encourage him not to watch it on TV. He understood and he went on to play.

Sometime in late July, the show seems to have near the end of its run with all movie times either early morning or middle of afternoon, and mostly on weekdays. It was tough as my kid either got school, having his nap, or I was working.

I kinda think he forgot all about it....

...until last Saturday.

I have arranged for a dinner gathering with my friend. The last time we went out with this friend about 6 months ago, we went for a movie together with their kids.

And so when I was getting my kid ready to go out, and I told him that we are meeting this friend and their kids...

My son excited say "We going to watch Kung Fu Panda?'

Both myself and my wife's heart sank so low..... so bloody low......

The good thing is, the show is still showing in local cinemas... and this time round, we promised to bring him to watch it this coming Wednesday.

There is no turning back on our promise now.

Not after our friend repeatedly told my kid how nice the show is. That bastard!

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