Friday, July 11, 2008

there's something about ..... pharmacist

Last night I have an interesting encounter with a pharmacist.

After coughing like 2 weeks with limited signs of improving, I turned to a pharmacist.

After explaining my problem, she asked if I wanted something to curb my cough or eliminate phelms.

After telling her that I wanted something to curb my cough, she recommended something that can do both!!


And she goes on to say "....NO ALCHOHOL and NO SUGAR....."

To me, it was an obvious instructions. I mean... we should never take medication with alcohol.

But "no sugar"?

So I asked how long before I take the medication should I refrain from sugar-related drinks?

I think she was amused.

She told me that she meant the medication that she recommended DO NOT contained alchohol and sugar.

She should know that she is talking to a sick man and she should be clearer in her explaination!

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