Tuesday, July 08, 2008

there's something about ..... youth of today

Today I saw a disturbing sight.

I was hungry at in the afternoon and decided to go out to grab a bite. With $3 in my pocket, you would be surprised that my choices are pretty limited. Foodcourt nowadays start from $3.50 onwards. However, Macdonald still have affordable bites starting at $2. And so I went to the Macdonald at AMK.

I was queuing behind 3 NYJC students. As another counter was available, one of these NYJC students went over to place his order. I went over as well and was queuing behind him. Let's name him "A".

After he placed his order, he was whispering to his friend "B" over at the next counter. The cashier was waiting for "A" to pay before proceeding to collect the order.

I was also waiting rather impatiently. Couldn't "A" wait till everything is over before talking to "B".

That is when I realised "A" was actually borrowing money from "B". The order was $5. "B" took out $4 worth of notes and was struggling to come out $1 worth of coins. But finally "B" manages.

And "A" went on to give to the cashier. The cashier counted and realised that it's only $4.90.

But then, "B" has already taken his order and has walked away.

"A" decided to ask "C" who is still waiting for his food for 10cents.

"C" struggled and finally came out with 2 5cents.

This is too disturbing on many counts.
  • You have to F%^! borrow money to EAT MACDONALD!!
  • A JC student do not have any money with him, not even 10 cents and he F#%! want to eat Macdonald!!
  • If you have to F^#% borrow money to eat Macdonald, you order the cheapest possible which is a chicken burger at $2, and not a $5 set meal!!!
  • I only have $3 in my pocket and 2 of these students have a total of $15. (all three of them ordered $5 set meals) 5 times more than what I have?!?!?!

This is too disturbing.

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