Tuesday, July 22, 2008

there's something about ..... youtube

I spent probably about 30 mins a day looking at youtube. I always start off with 1 video and later chose any videos from the right hand bar under "related videos" and just go on and go on.

It's very interesting where you ended up watching.

For example,

I was watching this MTV from Peter Cincotti's "Some kind of wonderful". Nice song, nice video. Unfortunately embedded is being denied.

At the side bar, I chosed this MTV from a movie of the same name "Some kind of Wonderful"

After going thru a few others movies clips under "Some kind of Wonderful", I came across "Pretty in Pink".

This led me to:

OMD "if you leave"

After this, I saw "New Order's Bizzare Love Triangle"

Another New Order song "true Faith" which interestingly was one song that was brought to my attention yesterday.

And this series of videos ended.

From watching a modern day jazz singer, I ended up watching a boy band in the 80s.

Another series starts all over again.

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