Saturday, November 19, 2005

there's something about ..... commoner

Early part of the week, I read about the Japan's princess marrying a commoner, and thus becomes a commoner herself by default of Japan Royalty Laws. She was given S$2mil one-time-off allowance. In order for her to ease into a commoner's life, assistants was assigned to her to teach her the life of a commoner.

This is one interesting read.

Japan Royalty Laws also quite cute. Surely they don't expect the princess to marry another royalty right.... I mean how many royalty can you find in the world now. Maybe from Brunei, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam perhaps. Imagine the japanese princess changing her name to a Sayoko Virahbong, surely something not acceptable to the japanese monarchy.

And since any Prince can marry any commoner, any Prince in the world can choose the prettiest commoner to marry. Who would actually choose this Japanese Princess?

Who would you marry.....



or this?

commoner previously may look like the princess

Thanks to this commoner, there's hope for mankind! ... and manhood!

I also pity the husband of the princess. He must be thinking life as a royalty, no need to work, servants everywhere, big limosines...... and Suddenly.... the government tell him... "pai seh, you still commoner leh, but neber mind, I give your wife $2m, at least you now a rich commoner".

At least, this rich commoner can make fun of his father-in-law and not to worry about castration. Eg. "My father-in-law can break law anytime ok, he decide on law one!"

I also wonder what the assistants will do to help her ease into commoner's life. I suppose the government advertise in the papers...

Commoner Life Easer

  • Minimum high school education
  • able to teach people how to shop in supermarket, how to bargain, how to pay
  • must not have any royalty heritage
  • contract basis: 3 months, renewal depending on how fast your subject ease into common life.
  • Those shortlisted must bring the birth certificate of your grandparents, parents.

Commoner previously known as princess: You... buy this and go pay up.

Commoner assistant: Nabeh... go pay yourself... you just like me now... only 2m richer.

Commoner princess: You... scratch my back... 5cm right of my left kidney.

Common assistant: Nabeh.... go scratch yourself... you just like me now... only 2m richer.

I also want this kind of job.

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