Thursday, November 03, 2005

there's something about ..... old car on the block

Dear vicic (the letters are mixed up to protect the identity of my car as well as this writer due to sedition act in Singapore, JB and some say indonesia)

I think you already know by now that I have already sold you away. I want you to know that it hurt me alot to have to do this. You have been a great companion to me in the last 4 years. Occasionally, you were a good companion to Jeff and his family.

In fact, you have witness some benchmark in my life. You came into my life immediately after my marriage. You were there when I send my pregnant wife to the hospital for the birth of my son. You were there to bring my son back to our home. You were there when I send my maid back.

However, due to big disescalation of car prices, I have to make that big decision to let you go before I make even a bigger losses.

I want you to know that it's not you. It's mah bow tan's fault.

And I just realised those decorations that we did during the Treasure Hunt on you have just become my parting gift for you.

I have also did a final wash-up for you so that you will join your new owner in a neater and cleaner condition.

I hope your new owner will take better care of you than myself.

Wish you the very best.

Cow driver

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