Sunday, November 27, 2005

there's something about ..... ianah

Who is ianah?

No.. it's not my new maid. Btw, my new maid is arriving sometime mid-december. Nabeh... just when I was enjoying life without one... especially the extra $500 to spend every month. Imagine... I can have about 10 Ipods a year, 1 for every 1.5 months. Or 5 laptops a year, one every 2 months. Or Trip to Hong Kong 4 times a year. Or 2 Tag Heur watches a year. Or 1 Sony Plasma TV a year. But instead I got none of those, but in jeff's words "stranger living in the home". Nabeh x 500 times.

So who is ianah?

Some of my friends would know, I got an elder brother-in-law, whom I respect for his attitude towards his trade, but anything else we are worlds apart. He was a Ah Beng long before the word Ah Beng is coined.

His body art would put all those new age body arts aka tattoos to shame. I think any current tattoo artiste would have difficulty trying to create that "body art" of his, which looks like a NER ZHA. I often try to catch a glimse so as not to appear staring, so I never really know what ANG GONG GIA is that. Also I think any current tattoo artiste will also have problem writing chinese characterSSSS given that most tattoo artiste nowadays are quite Ang Mo Pai. And mind you it's not just chinese single character like those found on NBA stars, but it's a Poem of about 4 vertical lines of about 5 characters in each line, ALL IN ONE ARM. SMALL ARM SOME MORE.

So that is my brother in law for you.

But who is ianah?

Brother-in-law, on seeing my son: IAN AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

And he actually, literatally Calls OUT LOUDLY..... And when you combine AH after a N.... it will come out as NAH.

So just imagine, him calling out: IAN NAHHHHHHHHHHH

This happens every sunday.

God help my son.

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