Tuesday, November 29, 2005

there's something about ..... spring

I think if Singapore has 4 seasons, now would be spring time. I think..... Can't blame me if I don't know when Spring or Autumn is... Singapore only got 1 season which is Sometimes-rain-somtimes-no-rain-within-the-same-day.

But unfortunately, I'm not talking about 4 seasons here. I'm talking about this spring Or previously known as PSB. You remember the Productivity Bee in the 80s? Interestingly, going thru the website, I wasn't able to find the Bee. It must be an embarassment to them very much like the Courtesy Singa.

Today I went to SPRING Office tower or previously PSB tower to meet a client. They actually have an office tower in Bukit Merah Central. Wah.. I wonder how they can justify a tower purely by productivity alone.

When I approach the Car Park entrance, I wound down the window and inserted my cashcard into the ticket machine. I was cursing.

I mean we are talking about productivity here... can't they have those ERP type where the gate barrier just lift when they sense your cashcard... how come I must still insert my cashcard into the machine.

Anyway, for some strange reason, my cashcard was rejected. The machine says Error. I inserted the cashcard again but it was still rejected. Thinking my cashcard is spoil, I uses another cashcard... still it was rejected.

NABEH. I FELT LIKE A MORON. This building doesn't use the cashcard system!! They still use the ticket system.

HELLO.. we are talking about productivity here!!! Shouldn't someone put a note there to say "please do not insert cashcard" like all other building still using the ticket system.

Anyway, my stay there is quite short.... about 15 mins.

When I went to pay up.... NINABEH.... the car park fee is $1.50!!!! About 50cents for every 5 mins!!!!

Not only that, I keeps rejecting my coins!!!! HELLO... PRODUCTIVITY!!!

I did a check on the definition of Productivity in the net:

"Productivity: A measure of the amount of output per unit of input"

Wah... no wonder. Based on this definition, their ticket machine is definitely the most profitable productive thing in the building.

Per unit of input: 1 ticket cost maybe 10cents.

Amont of output: 50 cents per 5 mins.

Somemore recycleable.

No wonder they can have their own building.

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