Tuesday, November 15, 2005

there's something about ..... fuel consumption

I have very good buddies. They know how keen I wanted to know what's my car's fuel consumption is like, so they decided to help me..... by finishing up my petrol early.

Last saturday, I made plans with Jeff and wolf to have dinner at Holland village around 7pm. I was late in picking up Jeff in Sengkang by 15 mins as I was held up with work committments.

Since already late, Jeff decided that taking the road less travelled will be much better than going thru the normal rush hour traffic, and so I heed his advice considering he knows expressway UP TO WOODLANDS quite well.

So I started a KAN SI LANG long journey. This was the longest I ever travelled on road in Singapore. And this journey covers 5 expressways out of 8 in Singapore.


I knew we are on the wrong trail when I see Woodlands and later Jurong. To be fair, Jeff intention was to go by TPE, SLE and BKE then PIE. Which means he is responsible for 4 out of 5 expressways which still means a KANG SI LANG long journey. But I exited early to KJE from BKE and ended up in the beginning of PIE instead of half of PIE had I stick with BKE.

And so what would otherwise be a 30 mins journey by TPE, SLE, Thomson Road, Lornie Road, Adam Road, Holland Road, or half the mileage turn out to be a 50 mins Journey.

Anyway, we acheive my aim. I completed my full tank at least 1 day ahead of schedule.

And my fuel consumption is very auspicious 8km per litre. For the uninitiated, when it comes to fuel consumption, we don't need to have auspicious numbers. In fact, we need to have unauspicious number like 13km per litre.

And Thanks to my buddy, he has actually unknowingly push up my number with the expressway drive. Had it been a totally city drive, I think the numbers will be even lower.

What's the moral of the story, when you buy a car, listen to friends, When you drive a car, don't listen to friends.

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coolcat said...

it sounded like a long route when u described it over the phone.... and when u marked on the map.. it is a REALLY LONG ROUTE!!