Thursday, November 24, 2005

there's something about ..... shell

Recently, all my posts are car, number plate, consumption, lorry and now it's fuel! Must complete one cycle mah.

I uses Shell. Maybe because it gives me the illusion that my car will drive like ferrari in Formula 1 racing.

But lately, Shell gets on my nerve.

Firstly, I think it's a really stupid gimmick to show the NET price of your petrol for all to see and claim that you are being outright about prices and not merely showing just Discounts.

Seriously... can you remember what is the net price of petrol yesterday? $1.587 per litre? Or 1.578? And How would I know if other companies with a 6% discount sign may give a net price even lower than what the net price at Shell shows?

I have actually witness someone driving into Shell and ask what is the discount eventhough the net price is clearly shown.

And th end, they have to spend more money on Print advertisments, Radio advertisement, TV commercial to tell everyone that they will always ensure their net price is either the same as competitor or lower.

I think that smart alec who came out with the net price idea ought to be sacked.

Next that piss me off is Shell Fuel Stretch Challenge.

Below is taken from Shell website:

Singapore, 17 November 2005 - Over 120 teams, comprising of two members per team, competed in this year's Shell Fuel Stretch Challenge. Of these 240 people, Mr Liew Chin Foo and Mr Andre Ng Wye Hoong emerged victorious in their Hyundai Sonata as they drove home the message that Shell petrols can indeed help motorists stretch their dollar. Competing in the 1000 - 2000 cc category, they won a pair of round-the-world air tickets worth approximately SGD12,000.

Using only 4.4 litre of Formula Shell 98, Mr Liew and Nr Ng travelled 167km to complete the eight mandatory checkpoints around Singapore. By diligently applying Shell Fuel Stretch Tips, particularly by using the highways to reach the checkpoints to maximise his fuel efficiency, Mr Liew achieved a fuel efficiency of 37.84km per litre, thus Mr Liew managed to stretch his fuel by an astounding

4.4 litre travel 167km???!! 37.84km per litre?!??!?! on a HYUNDAI SONATA?!?!? NINABEH!!!!

Before you start going to fill up your car with Shell, I would suggest you buy Hyundai Sonata instead, then fill up your car with Shell.

My current car runs on 8km per litre WITH SHELL.

A Toyota Hybrid Car runs on 30km per litre, as LISTED on brochure. AND THAT IS HYBRID. My client told me his hybrid car actually do about 20 to 25km per litre.

And we all know Toyota has the best fuel economy follow by Honda. And we all know Hyundai is not among the top. It's among the bottom.


You mean no other Toyotas or Hondas took part in this Shell competition?

What better way to tell the world your fuel is the best even when use on a Korean Car.

Talk about Oil Rig.

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