Friday, August 31, 2007

there's something about ..... car servicing (updated)

Today I went to service my car with the authorised dealer. It's been a while since my last service and since I do not want to void my warranty, I decided to go back to them instead of going to external vendors.


The first thing when they noticed was the time lag from the last service...

"Wah.. your last service quite way back, given your current mileage, it's advisable that you take up package B that includes...blah blah blah, plus you have to change the Gear oil of $1XX and it's advisable to change the Air Con filter of $2X, the total is $380."

You know it's not cheap going back to them, so I agreed.


The moment we reaches my car, another technician joined in and immediately commented on my tyres. The approach is somewhat similar to those you find at petrol kioks.

Both of them highlighted the thread of the the tyres or the lack of, they tell you the importance of tyres, and tell you that their tyres are the original approved tyres so that you can have optimal ride, the price of the tyres has come down drastically over the years, in the past is $18X and now IT'S ONLY $14X. PER TYRE.

They work so well together, you suspected that they were a couple.

Needless to say, I rejected them nicely telling them that I intended to change my car soon.


So I left the service centre.

About 10 minutes later, the engineer called me again.

"Your air con not cold. Would you like to take up our air con service package?"

"Huh.. I thought you were changing my filters already?"

"Yeah.. but that is not enough. we have to check all the compressors, add gas and others. The package is $400"

"$400? Is that the price to replace the Air Con or serviced the aircon?" Of course I was being sarcastic but the "innocent" engineer didn't think so and go on to explained the work that is required to service the air con.

Needless to say, I rejected them nicely telling them that I intended to change my car soon.


My dear engineer called again. I thought they called to inform me that my car servicing is finished. I was dead wrong.

"Your brake-pads needs to change. Worn out already. Both front and back must change. Each one about $170. Very dangerous."

Frustrated, I decided to make half the change so that he can stop calling me, and hopefully whatever I agreed could hit his quota.

"Ok.. just change the front ones for me. Leave the back ones alone."


My money-sucking engineer called again.

"YES" I answered.

"Sir, your battery very weak. Needs to change. This one is a good one, no maintenance necessary. It's the dry battery. $120"

Needless to say, I REJECTED THEM, telling them that I intend to change my car soon.


My engineer pimp called again.

"YES" I answered.

"Your car is ready for collection"

1st September 2007

My car battery went flat.

NABEH CB! Coincidence? More like a conspiracy!

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