Friday, August 10, 2007

there's something about ..... NDP

Somehow... perhaps I'm wrong... but Somehow I believe there is a NDP Manual lying somewhere. You know.. like a SOP for "planning a NDP" kind of thing.

  • March in by various uniform groups. checked.
  • March in by Guard of Honour. checked.
  • Some local singers singing national songs. checked.
  • Everyone must sing national songs. checked.
  • VIP arrived. checked.
  • Sing one national song. checked.
  • Ministers arrived. Checked.
  • Sing another song. checked.
  • PM arrived. Checked.
  • Sing another song. checked.
  • President arrived. Checked.
  • Sing National Athem. Checked.
  • Helicopter Fly past with National Flag. Checked.
  • Fighter Planes fly past. Checked.
  • Inspection by President. Checked.
  • March-past. Checked.
  • Song and Dance performances related to national building but no one can understand the meaning behind the Song and Dance even after the commentator give some informative commentaries on the Song and Dance. Checked.
  • Catch no balls. Checked.
  • National Song by local ah gua with a name that sounded like a Hero Figure of India. Checked.
  • Parachutes performance. Checked.
  • National Song again by local artiste. Checked.
  • Fireworks. Checked.
  • More fireworks. Checked.
  • National Pledged. Checked.
  • President shake hand. Checked.
  • President go back. Checked.
On a separate topic related to National Day.

The Song "No place I rather be" by Kit Chan below

Did you realise that there is ABSOLUTELY NO REFERENCE to SINGAPORE?

NO Mention at all about Singapore!! NOTHING!!

This Song can be sold to Malaysia, Indonesia, Phillipines, Blagadesh and it's still totally appropriate!!!

Interestingly, this song is sang by Kit Chan, who is spending more time in Boston than in Singapore. Is she singing about Singapore or Boston?

Nothing against Kit Chan. But the song writer needs to be jailed or something.

What's wrong with adding Singapore into the Song like

"count on me SINGAPORE"
"stand up for SINGAPORE"

Very cool what!


Anonymous said...

how about adding "President singing National Anthem" inside the checklist next time?

Mr Anonymous

coolcat said...

and also ministers wearing silly-looking hats..

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous,

President Singing National Anthem cannot fall under National Day SOP because President is Big. President's action falls under President's Act. That one is drafted by parliament and approved by Chief Justice.

But I think under his job scope, got include singing national song.

Anonymous said...


Wearing funny hats is the first actually. So also cannot include in the National SOP. It has to be repeated 3 times and after that be approved by Garment then can.