Saturday, August 04, 2007

there's something about ..... made in Singapore shows

Next week is Singapore 42nd Birthday and our National Day.

I appeal to everyone to spend the next 1 week to follow local programs to show our patriotism to Singapore. Of course, hanging our National Flag is another way. But what better way to show our patriotism and enjoy it in the process.

I recommend the following shows:

Sunday (tomorrow) Channel U


How can you not watch this? Golden Horse Winner aside, great story-line though not original but still a fantastic show. Not too often you can say Jack Neo's movie is great. This is one of them

Wednesday All Channels


Floating Platform leh. Just this is enough for me to watch it. I mean aren't you just curious to see how the March-Past will take place on Water? New location, new stunts.

For once, I'm looking forward to NDP. I'm going to stay home on Wednesday.

Wednesday Channel 5


Need a reason to watch this?

How about this --> No. 10

Wednesday Arts Central over 5 weeks


A autobiography of Royston Tan, our local movie director. It's about how he aspire to be a film-maker plus love story throw in.

Becoming Royston do sounds better than
Becoming Eric
or Becoming Jack.

Well, it's over in Arts Central. So don't expect fanciful stuffs.

Saturday Channel 8


It's about a man in his 20s with IQ of a 10 year old boy but trapped in a 40s body.

But this lucky dude have 2 women going gaga over him. Damn it!

Spoiler! Be Warned, if you do not want to know how the story ends.. stop reading now.

In the very end, in what was the most dramatic finale of a local drama ever in Singapore, all 3 of them listen to this Golden Pillow that looks more like a Golden Egg and all of them decides that this Golden Pillow will give them strength to live happily ever after.

Cool!!! This shows change my life.

I know now that I can have 2 women at the same time and all I need is a pillow.


Anonymous said...

errr....i might be half a world away from Singapore now, but isn't National Day supposedly on Thursday? or am i missing something somewhere?

Mr Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Well.. that Date is meant for people half a world away from Singapore so that they know when they should catch it on MOBtv.

But I must admit, even if it is on Eastern Time, the time is still wrong.

So folks, National Day is on THURSDAY. Don't blame me if you didn't go to work on Wednesday!

cheeky said...

ah yes golden fucking pillow. I remember the scene where alex man's face fell flat on fann wong's crotch. That lucky dimwit bastard.

Anonymous said...

I happened to watch it last week.. YES.. HAPPENED... ACCIDENTALLY... UNINTENTIONAL...

He was calling Cheng Shu Cheng "PA PA.. PA PA"

I think Cheng Shu Cheng must have fathered him when Cheng was 5 years old.