Monday, August 06, 2007

there's something about ..... hub

Yes. I like to go AMK hub.

Doesn't matter they have a name that lacks originality and short of technically-correctness. Wah.. Cheem.

But then again, if a shopping mall can be named ION... I rather the mall lacks originality.

But what exactly is a AMK HUB?

A Hub of what? This is a shopping mall that appeal to the masses with products as varied as a bra to a plate of chicken rice.

It's something I have struggled until recently.

It's a HUB of NTUC products and services. Ninabeh.

Yes. AMK hub is built by NTUC. But to have:
  1. NTUC supermarket obviously
  2. NTUC pharmacy
  3. NTUC Income
  4. NTUC foodcourt
  5. Cheers convenience store (by NTUC)
  6. Jackpot room. YES... JACKPOT room for NTUC members only.
  7. NTUC comfort if you include those Taxis that waited at the taxi stand.
Wah biang.

On the topic of Hub.

Starhub came up with a HUBSTATION. It's a hybrid of digital setup box plus a recorder plus a modem plus digital voice.

But HUB and STATION? Aren't they both similar?

Of course, the word "hub" over here was an extension of their "hubber" branding.

But are there better names out there? eg:
  • Hubberstation
  • telehubber
  • starhubstation
  • baokaliaostation
  • baokaliaohubber
  • hubbermachine
  • hubbox
  • hubokaliao
  • ionhub
But I must say hubstation seems like a cool device. Not too expensive to own if you consider the free broadband till Dec 2008. ie, the machine is free if you consider that Singtel charges $30 for 1mps of broadband.

Nabeh. Starhub should pay me money for this!!


Anonymous said...

I somehow really really like "IonHub". Sounds so so breezy! Is it a air freshener?

Anonymous said...

No.. Ionhub is a shopping mall at Orchard Turn. It's going to be the latest, the biggest, iconic shopping mall on Orchard road.

please visit

Wait... Sorry.. wrong name!