Thursday, August 16, 2007

there's something about ..... Teresa Teng

Over the weekend, I saw an old footage of Teresa Teng. It was a sight of her that I've not seen before. I guess my image of hers are those of the 80s, very proper, very demure etc.

That footage of hers was her singing an English Song. Not just any other English Song, but ROCK. She was on Biker's clothings, BIG Alfro-Hair... Singing "I LOVER ROCK AND ROLL". YES... that Joan Jett and the Black Hearts' Song.

Naturally, I was stunned. So I went to Youtube to see if I can find it.

Still finding... but I came across other gems.


Anonymous said...

i didnt know you are into chinese songs. my impression is that you are more into 80's pop.

this youtube thingie can be very addictive. i went on to search the other teresa's songs on youtube.

nowaways, i watch the taiwanese variety shows on youtube, particularly kangxi lai le and guess guess guess shows. i am a chinese helicopter.

Mr Anonymous

moomooman said...

I'm into everything lah. Chinese songs, english songs, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s

coolcat said...

OMG! is that Alan Tam?

Anonymous said...


Err... It's Teresa Teng. If you are talking about the guy in the first video, It's john travolta.