Monday, August 27, 2007

there's something about ..... hubstation

What a cool machine!! Not IPOD kinda cool but it's features is just fabulous!!

For a TV junkie like myself, hubstation is godsend!

At $300...
  1. You got to keep the machine and no more rental.
  2. You got $10 off sports group for 1 year... thus $120 savings
  3. You can surf the internet free till end of 2008.... if you don't get too frustrated with the slow speed.
  4. You get to record any shows, come back like 5 mins late, watch the show from the beginning while it's being recorded.
  5. It's also a digital setup box, which means connected via one of the AV... means I can split my TV screen between a local channel and another cable channel, though this is more of a TV function. But last night I watch LOST and Man U vs Tottenham AT THE SAME TIME!!! How cool is that!!!
However, I nearly got a scare last week.

My intention is to terminate my Singnet Broadband and uses the free Cable that comes with the hubstation.

At 1 Mps, you would think that it's damn fast considering my Singnet was 512k and already very fast. BUT it's so bloody slow, it felt like a dialup. It was so frustrating slow that I decided to stick to my Singnet now.

But not before screwing up my Router. I connect my Router which was previously connected to Singnet to Hubstation and in the process spoiled it.

I ended up buying another new router so that I can connect it back to my Singnet.

In Singapore, there is this term that is so appropriate for this kind of thing... it's called LPPL!!!!

Thanks to my buddy Anthony... I managed to hook up my Router back to my singnet again.


adriantan18 said...

did u optimize the settings for your new internet connections? Cable and DSL runs very differently.

Anonymous said...

I was quite impressed with myself that I can:

1.) Disconnect my router from Modem and hook up to Starhub.
2.) Buy a new router.
3.) Connect the new router back to modem.
4.) get the configurations right via help from friend thru the phone.

Optimize Settings for New Internet Connections?

I'm technology handicapped.

adriantan18 said...

if you don't mind trying again, do run this software too. Just tell it that you are on cable, reboot and things should turn out better.

TCP Optimizer:

if not, well u are familiar with step 1 to 4 ya...

Anonymous said...

So, how is yoru hubstation. I was about to order one. Is it really that slow?

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