Saturday, October 13, 2007

there's something about ..... 377a

Very happening topic hor. Very fashionable to discuss this even. There is even an website to repeal this Act. You can "support" the cause by petition against the act. Alot of "Celebrities" and notable bloggers have supported the repealed of 377a.

The petition will then be given to Prime Minister before the debate on Penal Code.

It's so "in" to be known that you are against the government on a topic about equality of Gay in Singapore. It's like 07/07/07 on the Green movement, save the earth.... what happen now?

It's like Anya's "I'm not a plastic bag", it's nothing but fashion. Who gives a hoot about saving the world, otherwise, might as well buy those imitations off the Masar Malam.

It's like an opposition Rally during Election where huge numbers turned out, only for the PAP to win the election. People go because it's fun, it's cool to be seen that you are opposing the authority.

Do the majority of Singapore cares if a certain minority group is being penalised because of their preference of the same sex? There are more victims in Singapore being penalised by bad traffic Wardens than the Gays can called themselves victim.

Yes.. fair enough. The current law makes them a criminal. Interestingly, prostitution is legal in Singapore, but soliciting is not. But being gay is more "criminal" than a prostitute in Geylang which might be on a social visit pass or a visa that allows them to stay for 14 days. So where is the justice?

Some argue that on that fact that these same gay people have serve the Nation throught NS, pay taxes to Government, and thus should be treated as equal.

I believe they have been treated as equal on most aspects of their life.

How would repealing the 377a changed their lifes? It doesn't.

Nobody has been procecuted because they are gay. Nobody.

Every Gay leads their life as per normal. They have sex within their own dormitary. They go about doing their own things and nobody gives a damn. In fact, they lead a more peaceful lifes than say a Man having a Mistress, which is probably not illegal.

It's good to repeal the Act, or reworded the act to give consenting sex legal. But if it's not, so what. Do those Gay really care?

I feel that this whole thing is nothing but a marketing campaign or certain political agenda by certain group of people.

It's definitely more "in" to say "repeal 377a" than to say "repeal traffic rules 123a".


TheJourneySoFar said...

I agree with you that as yet, the law has not be used on any gay person. However, not far in the past, police has been harassing gay people in discos and pubs, and its only some like-minded people who wrote to the police that this stopped.

The problem with having such a law, but not "enforcing it" is that by the practice of law it cannot be interpreted any other ways.

The existence of this laws have discriminated a fair number of gay teachers, civil servants and otehr professions and even organisations that want to help and support gay people and even prevent effective information spreading on health issues. The existence of the law have allowed a skew view of homosexuality to the public such that negative depiction of gay people in cinemas are allowed but not the positive one. But I must say that we have come a long way from last time.

What about addressing discrimination? If you are dismissed from your job because you are gay or malay or short (assuming that there is such discriminating law), where can the person seek justice? The law brands him or her as a criminal, how to address an unfair dismissal for being gay?

When one is not affected by the law, it is obviously easy to say that the law threatens no one and let it be, because its not your life the law is affecting, so its very easy to shoot off one's mouth to say that its nothing wrong with having the law in existence.

I guess until you have close friends who have been brainwashed by the church, chased out or beaten by their parent severly, or loses a job or attempt to kill themselves, its just too easy to dismiss the 337a as not threaten and believe in the fair tales spun by the government.

Anonymous said...

Hi Salt,

You definitely are not worried that you are gay. Alex is not worried either. And many more.

You felt the existence of a law is discrimination. But would the Removal of it change your life?

My comments is not to be taken that I do not support the removal. By all means, amend it for the sake of equality.

But this should be taken in a platform more meaningful than an online petition, probably organised to score some points against the government or to gain some publicity.

Anyway, we all know that this will go no where. You probably would go on about your life like how it's always been.

TheJourneySoFar said...

hi moomooman,

Thanks for the reply. Actually, I am not fighting for my rights actually, but the rights of other and potentially other in the future from being harmed and shamed because of who they are.

Personally, I have not issue that I really need to address with the law. Yes, 377a is there and honestly speaking it does not effect me as yet. But such guarantees from the govt only depends on their trust. The moment a fundie and homophobic leader step in things can take a change and without a law as protection, there is no protection.

I know there is too much noise about this 377a issue, but it shows signs of maturity of certain parts of society and its a good sign for everyone, because we are slowly awaken to caring about the society we want to build and live-in, not just let the govt. do what they want.

In many ways 377a is seen as the last bastion of a liberalising govt. and forebrings a more liberal and hopefully mature society.

Online petition is only the first step in begin less apathetic as a nation.