Monday, October 29, 2007

there's something about ..... horse

So today's biggest news is that Gurmit Singh got nominated for Golden Horse Award for his role in "JUST FOLLOW LAW".

Not for newcomer award...

Not for comedian award...

But for BEST ACTOR!!!!


Up against TONY LEUNG in Lust, Caution.

It seems anything is possible these days. Who would have thought a lousy movie can produce a nomination for best actor category?

This movie also produce another nomination in "best visual effect".

I saw the movie. The only visual effect is Fann Wong behaving like a man and it's not exactly a nice effect.

It's a lousy movie, to say the least. Movies about swapping souls or bodies are aplenty in the movie industry, but the method of swapping is the most rediculous in "Just Follow Law".

Not contend with the lesser drama of two people knocking into each other, the director decided that the best way to show case the swap, the most drama ways, is for an attempted murder of Fann Wong by Gurmit Singh via a car-chase.

After gotten sack by Fann Wong, the character played by Gurmit Singh was so disdraughted that he gave a car-chase hoping to crash Fann Wong's car.

The chase ended up with both cars flying off the expressway and both cars came crashing down. In most instances, this would result in a horible death possibly with a explosion to the cars.

Instead, both swap bodies and woke up with slight injuries at the hospital.

Great stuff!

It's not exactly the proudest Singapore movie I would like the whole world to see, especially at the Golden Horse.

You just wonder... are there so few entries that even this can be nominated? or the entries are so bad that even this can be nominated?

Don't get me wrong. I am happy for him and I like Gurmit Singh. In fact, I'm eagerly waiting for two of his sitcoms. 80s Rewind and The Noose. Going by the trailer, both promise to be very funny. Just that, I hope it's a better movie than "Just follow Law"


cheeky said...

Exactly, I'm trying to fathom out how it got nominated in the first place. Anyway, golden horse is a farce judging by the nominations over the last few years.

Anonymous said...

The biggest joke was Jack Neo saying that Gurmit stands a very high chance of winning.

Anonymous said...

no matter what, i still think it is a good thing that a singapore-made movie got golden horse nominations. it is like an awareness thing, as long as our movies can have more publicity in Asia or other parts of the world (be it good or not-so-good publicity), that is good in the long run.

maybe jack was saying in jest that gurmit has a high chance of winning.

Mr Anonymous

Anonymous said...

I agree. For that matter, I was hoping a better actor like Benedict Goh would get the nod, so that the whole world would know that Singapore Actor as a whole, has a wide acting range.

Anonymous said...

benedict goh is more that tony leong-type of actor. doesnt show too many emotions or expressions, but has got that intensity about him, like you can feel his thoughts even though he tries very hard to act like shit.

Mr Anonymous