Monday, October 22, 2007

there's something about ..... clutch and hangover

What a weekend!!!! I haven't had such a good time for a super long time.

I caught one of the best derby games between Everton and Liverpool. I caught one of the most boring Rugby Final. And I caught the most exciting F1 race EVER.... EVER!!!! All in odd hours!!!

So it's not to be an English Weekend. I think the sign says it all when England lost to Russia in Euro qualifying during midweek which put their Euro qualifying at risk.

Everton vs Liverpool

What a game... if you are a Liverpool fan.

Own goal by your fav team.... only to win it during the injury time with a penalty.

1 own goal
2 red cards
2 penalties, one in injury time
2 penalties denied, one in injury time

Wah biang... almost immediately... the sign became clearer... it's not to be an english weekend.

England vs South Africa

You know it's damn suay.... when Jonny Wilkinson also known as Mr Clutch... miss a drop goal... with his dominant left foot... not too far off either.

You know it's confirm damn suay... when the only try by England which would have tie the game was ruled out.

You know it's gone case when Jonny Wilkinson did not attempt any more drop goal since he missed one. No more Mr Clutch.

Actually, I'm also not a big fan of Rugby for me to support England. I just like to watch a good sports game. And it's one big boring final!!!

Hamilton vs Alonso vs Raikkonen

Who would have guessed? My god. What a choke by Hamilton. 3 mistakes. Who who have guessed someone that started as no.2 will drop to the back after couple of laps? He just need to finish as no.6... how difficult is that starting from no.2?

Apparently very difficult. Ask Hamilton and he will tell you that. Give him credit for racing back from no.14 to no.7. He just need to overtake one more car and he would win.

Alonso knows he can't win the race and so he just had a ordinary race. But he is the happiest of the 3. YES... HAPPIEST Of the 3. As long as Hamilton don't win... it doens't matter to Alonso. He got a quiet race.

But Raikkonen. My god. What a good race!! No doubt with the help of Massa and ferrari. He can only win the championship if he wins the race and Alonso at no.3 and hamilton at no.7. And what is the odds of that happening?

What a clutch performance. I actually have goose pimples when he cross the finishing line... damn!!

It's hard to stay awake watching F1 in the middle of the night.... but the race was so good.. I actually managed to stay awake for the whole race. This is the BEST race i have ever witness....


I love starhub.

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