Friday, October 19, 2007

there's something about ..... clutch

From Wiki..

In American sports terminology, "clutch" means performing well under extreme pressure. It often refers to high levels of production in a critical game (such as Game 7 of a best-of-seven series), the last hole of a Major golf tournament, or the final minute(s) in a close match. Being "clutch" is often seen by sportswriters and fans as an innate skill which some players have while others do not.

This will determine who wins what this weekend.

England Vs South Africa

This game is salivating. South Africa is like the team of the moment. They trashed England 36-0 in what was the worst defeat of England ever... in the group stage.

England, who was not expected to even clear the quarter-finals, beat the quarter and semi finalists thru clutch plays... none other by Jonny Wilkinson.

Jonny Wilkinson is like Michael Jordan of Rugby in my opinion. Super calm under pressure and in fact excel under pressure. This will be a decisive factor.

Man.. it's tough to call. Heart says England... pocket says South Africa.

Will go for England to win... just.

Formula 1

This must be the most exciting year since I started following F1 about 8 years ago.

You have a upstart rookie and a 2-time back to back champion plus a fantastic driver in Raikkonen in Ferrari... for a 3-way championship race.

Man.. is it going to be a England's weekend...

All hamilton needs to do is to crash into Alonzo "un"intentionally if Raikonnen is to be a non-factor in the race.

All Alonzo needs to do is to stay pole and not let Hamilton crashed into him.

All Raikonen needs to do is to win and let alonzo crash into Hamilton.

I'm hoping for some foul play to make this more exciting.

Everyone seems to like the rookie to win story. I would like to see Raikkonen wins, which is unlikely.

And the guy with the clutch... Alonso.

I'm going for Alonso.

Liverpool vs Everton

Depending whether this is an English Weekend or not, will decide the fate of this game. If this is destined to be a English weekend, Everton will win. If this is not, Liverpool will win. Why... Everton is more English than Liverpool.

And Liverpool has also suffer a confidence problem of late. meaning... they are unlikely to score that last minute winner or what the American known as "clutch".

My Heart says Liverpool... but seriously...

I love Starhub.

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Anonymous said...

I dont know about the results for the rugby and car racing, but you were wrong about liverpool.

liverpool, sometimes, is one of those teams that you think it will win, but it doesn't and vice versa. tottemham is another such team.

and blackburn (my fav fav team since the days of SAS until now) won. go blackburn go! at this rate, they will be in top four by end of the season. woo hoo!

Mr Anonymous