Saturday, October 06, 2007

there's something about ..... road block

For the first time in my life, I was asked to wind down my window at a road block last night.

The traffic police (looks like a low ranking chap, he wasn't wearing those helmets, more like a beret) didn't stop every car, he selectively chose which car he want to inspect. Meaning to say he think I have a high suspicion of drink driving.

His head pop in thru my window and asked where I came from. I answered that I came from town and he let me move on. He probably just checking if I smell of alcohol.

But I hope he uses some common sense.
  • Yes.. it was 12am on a friday night. But it's not like 1 or 2 am which might suggest some night partying.
  • I was decently dressed. Pants and long sleeve shirt.
  • My car is a normal SUV, not a Subaru WRX or Honda Type R.
  • My car is not even Zhing.
  • My car even run on a 15 inch wheel, not even 18 inch with alloy.
  • It's a boring colour car even. So boring that it should suggest that the driver has a boring life, meaning drinking on a friday night is almost too exciting for the driver.
  • And the best thing is........ my wife is with me. Ok... maybe that doesn't suggest anything, it could be a girl I pick up from Power Station.
  • And the super duper Best thing is.... my son is with my wife at the back seat.

HELLO..... police officer... can use some common sense next time please. It's a waste of time. Plus you make me feel that I'm guilty of something, or I look like a criminal or something.

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