Tuesday, October 02, 2007

there's something about ..... children's day

Yesterday is one very memorable children's day for me.

My poor son celebrated children's day from the hospital. He got stomach flu and kept vomitting on Saturday night and I have no choice but to admit him into Hospital. He was discharged yesterday's evening.

And when we got home, it was my wife's turn. She started vommitting as well.

We decided to go to our family GP who was nearby.

And just when she was making her way to my car, she blacked out momentarily and she started to "cry". According to her, she couldn't control it at point of time. And she couldn't walk. It's like all the strength just disappear.

Of course, that shock us, including my son.

So I carry her (as in really carry) into the car. My mother and my son followed along.

When we arrived at destination's car park, I told my mum (who is carrying my kid) to walk a little faster to register with our GP first, while I help my wife to walk.

And just about few steps later, my son vomitted. My wife, upon seeing this, got a panic-attack. Her whole body cramped up and she began to hyperventilate, and she went into uncontrollable "crying".

Immediately I carry her and rushed into the clinic.

The clinic or any clinic, don't usually see patients being carried into the clinic and you can tell the nurse was a little shocked.

The doctor immediately put a "plastic bag" (not to be confused with Anya's I'm not a plastic bag bag) over her mouth and my wife immediately recovers from the panic. We always see that in movies when people breathe into a plastic bag and now I know the reason behind.

She must have gotten the virus from my son, but the panic-attack was a shock to everyone in the family.

It was too dramatic for me last night. You know cantonese got this saying... "One Wave hasn't come down, another Wave come up". But I hope no more waves liao.

I didn't have a peaceful sleep last night, I wasn't too sure if anything thing would happen again.

They are both recovering well.


cheeky said...

Damn. U take care u.

Anonymous said...

take care, dude.

i hope there will be no more waves for you. sometimes, being bored is better than having such 'excitement'.

Mr Anonymous

Anonymous said...

thanks both. life is normal again and I'm damn glad.