Thursday, January 29, 2009

there's something about ..... beast

This is about guys who can't control their urge. I called them "Beasts" or "禽兽"

Couple of years ago, Wong Li Lin was pregnant with the second child of that beefcake. Why is this deserving any mention... it's because the second pregnancy came like 2 months after she gave birth.

At the point of time, I was like... WTF?!?! Your wife just delivered and you couldn't even wait!!?!?!!??!? BEAST!!

Sometime last year, during my wife's visit to the gynae, the gynae received a call from a patient. The patient was apparently asking if she can have sex with the husband without getting pregnant. Naturally, the gynae was rather upset by the phonecall, at least based on my observation. The gynae is a very busy doctor as she was with us in front of her, and she has to counsel someone's else sex life? After trying to brush off the call by telling the patient to wear condoms, the patient probably probe further about the odds of pregnancy if they do not wear contraceptives. The Gynae, again a tone of frustration, tells her that she can get pregnant very easily if the husband do not wear a condom.

At the point of time, I was like .... WTF!?!? THAT BEAST!!!

Sometime last year also, I was sending my boy to playgroup when I met one of his classmate's grandfather. This grandfather was carrying another girl in his hands of about 2 years old. So I asked this grandfather if this girl is the sister of my son's classmates. The grandfather is probably in a very talkative mood. He could have just say "YES". But he decided to elaborate that the younger sister is only about 7 months younger than the elder sister. IE, the mother must have got pregnant almost like immediately after giving birth!

At the point of time, I was like ... WTF??!?! That BEAST!!!

What is the whole point of all these?

Never criticize other people. Karma will undo you.


Anonymous said...

You BEAST!!!!

coolcat said...

hahah... what goes around comes around.. CONGRATULATIONS!

Anonymous said...

And congrates

Anonymous said...

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