Wednesday, January 21, 2009

there's something about ..... budget 2009

I am looking into the crystal ball and see what tomorrow budget will bring.

1.) Reduction of Income tax, like the year before when there is a one time relief of $2000. Perhaps another round like this, say $5000 off.

2.) No corporate tax if your profit is say $500k a year or something.

3.) GST rebates to increase, much higher for the lower income group.

4.) Property tax to waive for 2009.

5.) All conservancy charges for those staying in HDBs to waive for 2009.

6.) Government to offer 0% bridging loan to those with housing debt problem for HDB flats.

7.) Course fee subsidies to widen.

8.) Tertiary education school fees to be heavily subsidies for those staying HDB flats.

WE cannot only have OUT and no IN... so to balance or help to balance up the budget, the following will be implemented:

1.) To increase duties for cigarettes, alcohol and condoms by 1000%.

2.) COEs to be reduced so that premium can increase.

3.) ERPs to increase by 300%.

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