Thursday, January 29, 2009

there's something about ..... ox

How time flies... last week we were busy getting the house ready... and now we are in the 4th day of CNY.

This Ox is quite "fierce"... at least where I am concerned.

I don't remember the eve of CNY ever Drizzling... it's like the Ox knew this year is a very challenging year, thus dampens the festive mood.

And true enuff, my dad fell ill on the 1st day. And he was admitted to the hospital on the second day.

No big issue but still it's disturbing during this festive season. This set you thinking about the journey in this ox year, and this is only the beginning.


So according to ancient beliefs, this year I 犯太岁. Whatever it means, it's not supposed to be a good year for me. However, you can "counter" or "improved" your year by appeasing to the different gods associated with your sign.

Just wonder... it's like virus in PC and you have anti-virus almost immediately ready to cure the virus. Then you wonder why people even bother to "plant" virus, when at the end of the day, the damage is limited due to ever-ready anti-virus? I always think that PC viruses are invented by maker of anti-virus companies.

As I said, I am just wondering. I will be appeasing the gods.


Just had a conversation with coolcat.

Do you know what's the difference between an OX and a BULL?

According to Straits Times, an OX is castrated but a BULL is not. IE.. BULL got DICK, but OX no dick!


I mean..

1.) Why do you need to castrate a BULL? It's not like they are cats and they make love along corridors?! YES.. I have the good fortune of witnessing that. And interestingly, the cat paused a while... and continue humping. NB!

2.) Ok.. so for whatever valid reasons you need to castrate a BULL... why do you have to take the trouble to think of another name for the BULL, as if that castrated BULL no longer deserve the title of the BULL, and need to be downgraded.

3.) Whoever translate the animals signs... don't they realise that OX is castrated? Isn't it better to call it year of the BULL? I mean... I can now realised why this year OX is so "fierce".

And my conversation with coolcat ended.... what is the difference between a "Chick" and a "chicken"?

Yes.. we embarked on intelligent conversation every day.

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