Thursday, January 01, 2009

there's something about ..... new year

I realised I lead a very unexciting life.

I know 2008 is one of the worse years in recent memories for some people, if not most.

And just when you thought 2008 can't get any worse, the good people at Mediacorp want to make sure that we really remember how bad 2008 is and want to show us the real meaning of travesty.

Yes... I witnessed this.

I told you, I lead a very unexciting life.


I found a silver lining.....

Just when I found the youtube video of Tay Ping Hui, I came across a babe singing the same song. In fact, lots of babes in youtube singing the same song. But I thought this is the best.


coolcat said...

YOU!! u should have warned me! I didn't know Tay Peng Hui was singing Jason Mraz.. I stopped at his 1st line..

But Kathy was good.. so that saved the song!

moomooman said...

Why stop? I thought it was hilarious.

coolcat said...

at your advice.. I have completed the entire TPH video..

hilarious meh?

The part where the song goes "checking my tongue in the mirror" he pulled on his lower eyelid.. I didn't know his tongue grows there..

and then the dancers.. dance-steps macam never changed .. I felt as if I was watching a 70s variety nite show.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious... like how he dum di dum di dum.... he was acting how to sing.. that was hilarious.