Saturday, January 03, 2009

there's something about ..... pap

My son just went to PAP preschool yesterday, and I can now say that he is following my footsteps.

I mean, all of us, including scholars within the Government went to a PAP kindergarden in those days. So surely, we can't say that they are any more inferior than the Private Schools, eventhough it's perceived to be so.

It was a perception for me.... until Yesterday. And now, I am not sure.

They wrote my son's name wrongly. Not because they saw wrongly. Not because of mistakes. In fact, any of these errors are still very acceptable.

The worse is they uses their initiatives. Yes. Some civil servants do use their initiatives.

Huh? Used initiatives, also can be wrong one meh.

My son's name is not one of those fanciful names. It's one of those English traditional names that is as common as say Peter or Michael.

I can understand if I named my child "Seven" but they think I made a mistake and they go ahead change the register to reflect as "Steven" without checking with me.

BUT... my son's name is a COMMMON NAME.

So common that I didn't think anyone would not recognise it.

AND yet, this PAP preschool really DIDN'T recognise it!! I was appalled!

If a school don't even recognise a typical name, how am I to trust about their level of vocab.

Not only that, they didn't think there was a need to consult me to double check with me. They went ahead to amend a TRADITIONAL NAME thinking it should be another TRADITIONAL NAME!!! How am I to trust their level of competence to take care of my son!

And they still can tell me that they thought I MADE A MISTAKE!!!! NINABEH!!!!

So what did they change my son's name to?

They changed it to:


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coolcat said...

Ask them for their pay-check.. then change the name to yours and then tell them they spelled their own names wrongly! hehee