Wednesday, January 21, 2009

there's something about ..... inauguration

Caught the Obama inauguration last night. What a speech.

While searching his speech in youtube, I came across some VERY classic inauguration speech:


John F Kennedy 1961

Barack Obama 2009

Interestingly, he delivered a perfect, flawless speech for about 20 mins.. FLAWLESS.. and yet his oath was littered with mistakes, a short oath of less than 40 secs.

Perhaps, as the most powerful man on earth, he don't take instructions very well.

Joe Biden's oath, however, is actually about 1 min 30 secs. Interestingly a Vice President's oath is much longer. Perhaps like what the organisers of Miss Universe always says, "as 1st Runner up, your role is very important......"

How come "swearing" on it's own, it's so negative... but when you add "in" as "Swearing-in", it became so honourable.

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