Monday, January 09, 2006

there's something about ..... charity show

Win already.

I told myself never... never .... donate a single cent for anymore charity show on TV and today I donated $15.

It's impossible not to donate.

The whole renci show was a dissappointment. Jazzlyn Tay was injured rehearsing a "Cirque Du Solei" performance according to her and she voiced her unhappiness to the press saying why they have to risk life for the sake of charity.

Her complaint carries more coverage than what reverend Ming Yi was to do earlier for the show.

And so I watched in anticipation for that performance to come.

Nabeh!! What nonsense!! While I was expecting life-endangering moves, it wasn't something that will give you a "WAH.." It was moves that could easily be mastered thru practises by amateurs.

If we can have a reverse donation for every bad performance by these people, I will be very rich.

But.... But..... But......

The performance by reverend Ming Yi was so damn touching. He has to walk on 2 parrellel flat beams suspended at the top of Republic Plaza IN THE RAIN AND STRONG WINDS without support!!!

Every little step he took, your heart skip a bit.

After he completed the parrellel beams, he was to have tried to walk on a single round beam. But due to the weather conditions, they have to cancel that for safety reason. At that time, reverend Ming Yi was holding back his tears for not able to continue with the performance.

Nabeh!!! That sincerity touched me so much, I felted I have to donate or be damned.

How I wish it was TT Durai who did that performance and that he fall off and I don't have to part my $15.

Kudos to Reverend Ming Yi. Just his performance garnered about 200,000 calls and probably about $3million in donation.

To jazslyn Tay, hope you recover soon and after that learn how to keep quiet and after that change your name... it's damn hard to spell!

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