Tuesday, January 10, 2006

there's something about ..... igallop

Or otherwise known as iMasturbate.


Unknown said...

funny how all the guys think alike. OSIM roadshow downstairs from my office building for the past 1 week and my male colleagues were all talking about the same thing. it's quite obscene really seeing guys and girls having their balls and boobs being rattled like there's no tomorrow. not to mention the sitting position is very very suggestive :P gives an all new dimension to the saying "whatever rocks your boat"

moomooman said...

Your new photo suggested that you just tried iGallop and feeling very satisfied.

Don't think you need a man now.

coolcat said...

You mean there's really such a gadget? weird idea

moomooman said...

Osim advertise a FULL page colour advert today in ST.

Also, you haven't been watching TV right... their TV advert is a soft porn.