Sunday, January 22, 2006

there's something about ..... that phone

What a weekend. I can't even imagine how a day can be so perverse. The only Saturday I could really take a break off work with CNY next week and whoever up there decided to take it away from me.

This blog is inspired by "Momento". Should go see the movie.

Saturday 9.45pm
Got Home Finally. Physically and Mentally exhausted.

Got into my car at Cineleisure. Haven't been there like donkey years but didn't have the mood to walk around.


Step out of Somerset Station. Walk towards Cineleisure. Wanted to cross over to Heeren to vent my anger. Decided I'm too tired for that.

Douby Ghaut MRT interchange. Ninabeh. I felt like a F%$^ tourist. I actually got LOST in that F!^$ station. I wanted to take the train to Somerset MRT station and was looking for the North-South line, and promptly follow the direction signs in the train station. They put up a make-shift sign that says "Orchard, Yishun" next to the escalator and I just follow and take the escalator down.

But when I went down I couldn't find the F$^! direction to lead me to the right platform. All I saw was "NORTH-SOUTH LINE JURONG EAST/MARINA BAY". But I couldn't find that one that says anything remotely suggesting Orchard. I thought I went to the wrong level... I mean the Douby Ghaut Station is like bloody Big.

So I went back up thinking perhaps I went to the wrong escalator.

But it was correct. So I thought maybe I didn't search properly for the platform and I went back down again.

Still... I cannot find the direction that brings me towards North where Somerset station is.

So I went back up again. This time, I decided to put aside my ego and go to the control station to ask for help. I mean... I'm in my 30s plus a local ... and I bloody need help to find my way in a MRT Station?!?!?!?!?

I went to the control station and ask....

Me: Which way towards Orchard?

Officer: That way.

Me: But I went down and all it says was JURONG EAST/MARINA BAY??

Officer, show me a map: Neh......

Nabeh!!! The end station of "NORTH/SOUTH" line is in the "WEST".

Finally My turn at Starhub Customer Service Centre. The customer service officer is very friendly. He single handledly restore my confidence in Starhub. He exchanged my nokia one for one.

Reached Starhub Customer Service Centre in Plaza Singapura. Bloody Hell, it's damn crowded.

Took a bus from Orchard Plaza, next to Midpoint Ochard.

Ran to Cuppage Centre. The sign at the door says "close at 7.30pm". Phew. Just in time. Went into the Starhub Shop, told the guy at the information counter that I like to change my phone.

The guy tested the phone, agreed that it's not working well. Walk in to ask his manager. Manager came out and told me that they don't do exchange. WTF?!?!?!?!?

Me: What?!! They told me to come here! They said you guys do exchange!!!

Manager: Sorry. We are solely doing Retail now. We have moved our Customer Service Centre to Plaza Singapura.

Me: Comeon... surely you guys can just do an exchange, afterall you guys are one same company.

Manager: Sorry we can't. We need to have the technician there to certify your phone is not working.

Me: No need to certify... you can see for yourself it's not working.

Manager: Without the technician certification, we cannot exchange phones. It's the policy. Please go to our Plaza Singapura Branch. They close at 9pm. You still have time.

I STORMED out of the shop.

Arrived at Heeren Starhub Road show. Went to the guy who sold me the phone. I told him that the phone is not working. He tested... and tested.

Salesman: Sorry, we can't exchange it for you.

Me: Why? I just bought this this afternoon. You remember me. And I have receipt to show.

Salesman: I know. But we can't exchange because we are a distributor and we only sell phone.

Me: WHAT?! But this phone you sold to me is not working and I only bought it few hours ago!!

Salesman: I know. But we can't do anything about the phone if you return to us.

Me: You return to Starhub lah.

Salesman: Sorry. It's not that we don't want to help you, it's we can't. You better rush down to Starhub Customer Service Centre. They will do a replacement for you if it's within a day.

Me: What?!? I came all the way here and you ask me to go Plaza Singapura??!

Another Salesman came over: Why don't you go to the one at Cuppage Centre, it's nearer. But you better go, they are closing soon.

Me: I can't believe this.

Car park at Cairnhill place is Full. I decided to try my luck at Cineleisure. Luckily the car park is not full but bloody entry is $3.

Just reached home. My wife told me the phone is not working. NABEH. I just got back from Town and I have to go back again.

Met up briefly with Anthony at Bugis.

Reached my work destination in River Valley.

Went out for my appointment.

Got home. Happy that I gotten a good deal for a phone. Pass to my wife but she was sleeping.

Finally my turn. Buy the phone, trade in my old one still can take back some money. Shiok man. Some more the phone selling cheaper by $70 than elsewhere. I was too preoccupied with the deal that I didn't think of asking to test the phone, and they didn't offer as well.

Reached Heeren. Wah... Bloody long queue. Nabeh. But never mind lah, today not much work commitment. Can wait.

Saw on advertisement about the phone offer. decided to rush down to Heeren.

Work up. Weather was fine. Felt like a good Day.

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