Sunday, January 29, 2006

there's something about ..... Hong Pao

You would think as a first time parent celebrating Chinese New Year with their kid for the first time, there will be a big hooha surrounding the giving of ang pao to their kid.

I mean that is a significant moment, a big moment because it's the first time.

I almost planned for a elaborate event with video, cameras, settings etc.

Except there isn't any event to witness this significant moment....... it didn't even happen at all!!

YES.... I'm a bad parent!!! My wife is a bad parent!!! We have yet to give our kid his ang pao.

My parents gave him yesterday and we thought we will give him at 12am exactly but of course he slept early due to fever.

We thought... let's give him this morning when he wakes up. But he woke up too early and I promptly let my parents look after him so that we can continue sleeping.

When we are finally up, we need to rush out for visiting and we didn't want to rush thru such a significant moment like this, so we thought, let's wait till we came back home.

We come back home and he sleeps immediately because we had a long day and he is still having slight fever.

And now we have passed the first day and we have yet to give him the red packet.

Shall we forget it? I mean, you put money into a red packet, give to him which he doesn't know what is it, end of the day, you take out the money and put inside the bank for him. Might as well just do a internet banking and transfer the money to his account.

Still pondering.

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