Saturday, January 28, 2006

there's something about ..... new year "goodies"

I hope the year of the dog will start much better than the way year of rooster ended for my family.

My wife suffer from Food poisoning last weekend, follow by my mum. Both happened in the middle of the night and I have to go 24 hour clinic. And since the baby is taken care mostly by both of them, it became a challenge in the family since.

While my wife has fully recovered, the virus in my mum still persisted. She has diarriah (dunno how to spell) every alternate days and have seen doctors 3 times. As of today, we are not too certain whether she has recovered.

And I had sore throat early part of the week with slight flu and cough. So taking care of the kid became a bigger challenge with my wife and mum not exactly well too.

And yesterday morning, we woke up only to realised my kid has a high fever of 38.8 degrees. We were shocked as we didn't know how long in the night he has suffered.

Immediately we send him to the paedetrician (dunno how to spell). This is the first time he fell sick and somemore so high fever. So we were naturally worried.

We suspect is the big tooth thingy. But the doctor says he is suffering from Sore Throat. Win Liao lor. Of all things, he has the same problem as me.

Thus, medical expenses this week is about $300.

Not that I'm care about those $300 but if someone extort me for $300 in exchange for good health in the family, I will tell him I'll top it up to $500.

Seeing my son sick is damn heart pain. Seeing my mum sick is worrying.

So, I hope tomorrow being the start of the new year..... GOOD HEALTH TO MY FAMILY, FRIENDS.

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