Monday, January 02, 2006

there's something about ..... year start

2006 started with a "bang".

My kid fell from the bed and has a bump on the forehead.

My parent-in-law met with a road bully, the latter still alive the last I heard. (he was lucky not to have met my brother in law)

My wife was stuck with me at my friend's house over 6 hours because I was playing blackjack and getting tipsy in the process.

I got to know that my old friend just got out of a relationship of 7 years and I sense he is getting very emotionally unstable. Kept saying that a soothsayer told him he wouldn't survive past this lunar year.

I played blackjack and lost $50.

I go to my inlaw's place. I thought approaching 7pm, no need to go liao... but I was wrong about it and have to drive over in the rain.

Stayed till 11pm and miss half an hour of "Spy Game" shown on TV.

Fabulous way to start 2006!!!

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