Friday, January 13, 2006

there's something about ..... globetrotting

Isetan at Shawn Building
Lucky Plaza
Wisma Atria (few times)
Ngee Ann City (few times)
Centrepoint (few times)
John Little (few times)
Plaza Singapura
Raffles City
Bugis Junction
OG at Waterloo (few times)
Suntec City (few times)
Millienium Tower
Marina Square
Thomson Plaza (many times)
Junction 8 (many times)
HDB Hub (many times)

Just realised yesterday my kid has been to alot of the shopping malls, even ADELPHI.

Siao liao... I ran out of places to bring him.

Yesterday we also went Chinatown. After we finished our hair cut (the whole family excluding the kid and maid) at Adelphi around 8.30pm, we realised the rain had stopped and going Chinatown seems logical.

It was fantastic. There is enough crowd to keep the place festive but not super crowded. We can even push the pram without difficulty. On top of that, there was a light breeze.

It was great.

We almost bought a Wong Fei Hong hat for him but it was a bit too big and we didn't think it will be comfortable to wear over a long time. So as all Kiasu parent, I took a picture without buying. Hiak Hiak Hiak.

I remember we used to go every year with JET and we will buy new year stuffs for our in laws and we will patronise the same shop every year. But now, it's getting logistically troublesome with the kid and stuffs.

Chinatown always have the same old things. They have tidbits, new year goodies, new year decorations, cushion covers, coconut drinks. Somehow, every year we will buy cushion covers from China town.

Last year was 3 for $10. This year, many stalls were going for $2 each. Interestingly, some stalls are still sticking to 3 for $10, even when their neighbouring stalls for going for $2 each.

I like to defy buying logic. So I went the shop selling 3 for $10 and ask for discount telling her that the stall next to them was selling at $2. The sales girl gave me a dead pan answer "NO".

Why did I even bother? I mean it's already cheap at $2 each, so why even bother trying to get a even better price next door, how much savings can I get from there? And in the process kenna snub. And also for the same designs covers.

2 things. First it's cheap thrill. There is no fun in negotiating something already so cheap at $2. But negotiating something perceived as expensive and get a good deal is shiok. But if you failed, going back to the neighbour shop, buy many cushion covers at $2 and walk pass the expensive shop, show them you bought many from the cheap stall... lagi shiok.

Secondly, I like to prove a theory. It doesn't make sense for a stall in Chinatown in a Chinese New Year month with so high competition from so many stalls selling the same thing, and with weather not in their favour, being so sales-disoriented. It's like telling people "don't buy from me, I'm not here to increase sales, go buy from my neighbour", unless.... this is their point.... buy from their neighbour..... meaning to say, both the stalls belong to the same owner. It's their strategy to sell their $2 cushion faster.

I got to be right.

Another thing I'm right is that Singaporean are blinded with brands. We walked past Lim Chee Kuan BBQ Pork shop. When we walked past, there was a super long queue around 9pm. When we were on our way back about 11pm, there were a short queue of say around 3 person. I thought it might be a good opportunity for me to buy a few packets back.

Ninabeh. They were selling their BBQ porks crumbs whatever you called it. The proper slices are all sold out, and they are just selling off the "balance loose pieces".

And these people are still queuing for it?!?!?! I decided to go Mei Zhen Xiang instead. No queue... proper slices.

Another theory... could Mei Zhen Xiang belongs to Lim Chee Kuan?!?

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