Friday, January 06, 2006

there's something about ..... 饭 tastic



If you like Rice Burger from MOS Burger, you will like the Chicken FAN tastic from Macdonald. If you are not a fan of Rice Burger, blame it on MOS Burger cos this one from Macdonald will blow you away!!!

I tried both the Chicken FANtastic and Beef FANtastic and I must say the FORMER blew me away. The beef Fantastic tasted more bland and I felt no different from eating the one from MOS Burger. But the Chicken one... YUMMY!!!!

In my opinion, the best creation since the SUMURAI Burger. And talk about Rebound. Macdonald finally put their act together since their disastrous creation in the McNuggets New sauces and their Kaya breakfast.

Go Eat it before it's too late.

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Unknown said...

tried it twice and still not as fantastic :P the beef was the worst.