Saturday, August 05, 2006

there's something about ..... celebration II

Couple of posts ago... I mentioned about celebrating nation building.

Hooray again!!! Within 1 week to National Day... LTA announces more celebration plans by increasing Toll for CTE, PIE and ECP. Of which CTE Kenna the most.


After declaring their success of the evening ERP along CTE, this increment must suggest that it's not that successful afterall.

But while I'm at it... Why not extend the ERP till 12mn. That way.. should I ever need to go back from a late dinner (refer to my earlier post), I wouldn't get stuck in the CTE for 1 hour.

A thought struck me recently.

While our first Prime Minister is the MP of the prestigious estate in Tanjong Pagar, our second PM oversee the next prestigious estate in East Coast.....

...our third PM oversee ANG MO KIO??!!!

At least give Redhill or Queenstown or Bishan mah....